Common questions about CSGOBooth

If you've got more questions and we'll do our best to answer them in the Support-Area.

  • I'm a Streamer... Do you offer sponsoring/affiliating?

    Click Here to set your personal Affiliate-Code to share it with your Friends!
    Please contact us at the support area for more information about Sponsorships!

  • How much are my credits in real $'s?

    1$ = 100 Credits... You can see more information on your Account Page.

  • What is the minimum Value of an Item to deposit?

    The minimum Value is 1$ (100 Credits).

  • I deposited Skins but did not get any credits?!

    Please contact our Support-Team, we will solve that problem as soon as possible!

  • I withdrawed a skin but did not get it?!

    You can resend the Trade-Offer every 15 Minutes from your Account Page.
    If that does not work please open a Support-Ticket.

  • How does this Dice-Game work?

    There are 2 Dices, each one with a possible value from 1-6. You can bet on the outcome of the combination of them.
    Low: if the sum of both dices is between 2 and 6. | Pay out: x2.2 of your Stake.
    Mid: if the sum of both dices is exactly 7. | Pay out: x5.5 of your Stake.
    High: if the sum of both dices is between 8 and 12. | Pay out: x2.2 of your Stake.
    Doubles: if both dices got the same value. | Pay out: x5.5 of your Stake.

  • Is this provably fair?

    Yes it is! At the beginning of each Round you will get a SHA256-Round-Hash which was generated by a random Salt and the exact outcome of each dice value.

    Example Round:

    Result: (2.76, 2.12)
    Hash: 31a7e8c258502e38652d292e85ba4e7fd9d23af576cee0471af5b79cbe4d38f0
    Salt: a118b3f358d60fc40ff168fd995b39e7

    The Server generates 2 numbers between 0 and 6. For instance a number between 0.0 and 1.0 would equal to a 1, a number between 5.0 and 6.0 would equal to a 6.
    The Hash consists of "SALT+DICE1_VALUE+DICE2_VALUE". In this example the String would be: "a118b3f358d60fc40ff168fd995b39e72.762.12"
    You can put this in any SHA256-Generator (without the quotes!) and get the Round-Hash of "31a7e8c258502e38652d292e85ba4e7fd9d23af576cee0471af5b79cbe4d38f0"

    To check any previous Round visit the Round-History